Dear Beautiful Nanook,

It is February 2, 2014.  It must be difficult for you to understand why you were uprooted from your loving home and family.   It is most difficult for us to understand , too, why anyone would do that to you.

Your facebook friends, fans and followers are truly amazing.  They are sharing you and searching for you everywhere.   They are also concerned about you and want you to come home.  We know you are as grateful and love them as much as we do.

We hope this finds you well.  Yet we believe we have well-founded, grave concerns about your welfare, happiness and surroundings.  We have substantial reasons to be concerned.   After 2 years we have not received one HONEST and SINCERE message letting us know you are well, safe, happy and adjusted to your new surroundings….however many different ones  that may be by now. 

And on the other hand We have endured  some people working very hard  using social/internet media to impede us, and make our search for you completely limited and ineffective.   We have also received very childish messages, very naïve messages, and some very hurtful and horrible messages that we will not repeat.   These facts make us believe that you cannot be in a healthy,  happy environment.   It breaks our hearts.

These people obviously do not love you because they do not appear to care for what is for your best interests.  This cannot be a good, safe and loving environment for you.  If your new family truly loves you….they would have no problem contacting us and honestly saying how they have you and how they came to have you.  They would have no problem assuring us how safe, well and happy you are.  Most importantly they would have no problem letting us see you and proving their claims are indeed true.   

They would want to PROVE to us how happy, healthy and safe you are.  They would also have no fear of letting YOU, DEAR SWEET NANOOK, CHOOSE where you want to live.  We are willing to accept the chance that you may choose them.  It would indeed hurt, but we care about you that much.  It is all about YOU….not us or them.   Do they love you this much? 

Rest assured, Dear Nanook,  Come what may, the search for you will continue until one of 2 things happen:  1.  We have bona-fide proof from YOU, that you are in a safe, happy and good place; or             2. You are back home safe with us.

Dad is a little better today.  He really wants to know if You are well, safe and happy.Until we see you again…we will not give up our search.   HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart(GBWYA)

Latest comments

21.01 | 23:15

I hope and pray that by now you are home with your real family. It is not easy to not have your dog with you, because he/she is a family member.

14.07 | 14:57

Will be praying for her safe return,hope she finds her way back to you.Never,never give up hope.

07.02 | 03:24

I hope and pray for Nanook to find the way home, safe and sound.
Big hugs Nanook......go home!!

03.02 | 13:34

I just keep looking at every dog I see when ever I go out and I will never stop!! Let Nanook go home!!!